Y2K Fashion Sunglasses

  • Discover the future from the past with our Y2K Fashion Light Emitting Sunglasses!

    Reinventing the bold, fashion-forward aesthetic of the 2000s, these Y2K sunglasses are for people who aren't afraid to stand out and shine - literally! Defying traditional norms, these glasses feature bold and distinctive shapes, evoking the experimental character of Y2K fashion. These vintage glasses reveal a fluorescent touch that makes them stand out even in the busiest crowds, ensuring that all eyes will be on you. Incorporating light-emitting technology, these glasses glow with a luminosity of their own, offering not only incomparable style but also functionality in dark environments. While designed with contemporary innovations, these glasses recall the boldness and creativity of fashion at the turn of the millennium.
    Dare to be different and brighten up your style with a retro-futuristic touch. Get your hands on Y2K Fashion Light-Emitting Sunglasses and get ready to dazzle!

    Details of Y2K Fashion Sunglasses :

      •  Y2K style
      • Material: complete acrylic frame + electronic components, etc.
      • Power supply. 2*CR2032 3V button cell included
      • Battery capacity: 210mAh (replaceable)
      • Operating time : -+ 60 minutes
      • Available in four colours
      • Limited quantity
      • Free delivery

      How to use :
      Switch control: controlled by pressing the switch, and long press to close
      Light mode: the new seven colors for colorful constant light/breathing light / flashing light/running light /combination light

      • This product is a low-voltage output, please feel free to use
      • Do not squeeze or touch sharp objects, so as not to damage and scratch the mirror surface.
      • When installing the battery, please pay attention to the positive and negative directions of the battery.
      • If not used for a long time, please remove the battery.

      Package Included: Light-emitting glasses * 1 (with batteries)