Akatsuki Y2K Sunglasses

  • Unite the world of ninjas and the nostalgia of new millennium fashion with our Akatsuki Y2K Sunglasses!

    These Y2K sunglasses are specially designed for lovers of 2000s style, anime fans and those looking to add a unique touch to their look. Inspired by the iconic Akatsuki group from the "Naruto" series, these vintage glasses combine popular culture and vintage aesthetics.The silhouette of these glasses is inspired by the emblematic logo of the Akatsuki group, offering a distinctive nod to the world of "Naruto". Blending the bold aesthetic of the 2000s with the world of anime, these glasses feature bright hues that instantly catch the eye. While paying homage to the world of ninjas, these glasses capture the essence of the fashion trends of the turn of the millennium. While making a strong fashion statement, these glasses also offer solid UV protection, ensuring your style is as safe as it is fashionable.
    Proudly display your passion for anime and fashion with a touch of nostalgia. Get your hands on your Akatsuki Y2K Sunglasses and walk with the confidence of a ninja while being at the cutting edge of fashion!

    Details of Akatsuki Y2K Sunglasses :

    • Y2K style
    • Frame material: Polycarbonate
    • Lens width: 60 mm
    • Glasses type:Sunglasses
    • Lens material:Polycarbonate
    • Colours available: red, grey, blue
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping