Flame Y2K Sunglasses

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  • Discover Flame Y2K Sunglasses, a bold and vibrant tribute to the 2000s

    For vintage aficionados and anyone looking to relive the nostalgia of the turn of the millennium, these Y2K sunglasses are the perfect choice. Inspired by the iconic flame motifs of the 2000s, these glasses evoke a time when fashion wasn't afraid to be bold and flamboyant. Available in a range of vibrant colours that reflect the rebellious and free spirit of Y2K. Despite their eye-catching design, these vintage glasses haven't sacrificed comfort. They mould perfectly to the shape of your face, ensuring an ideal fit all day long. In a world dominated by minimalist fashion, be daring and stand out from the crowd with these glasses of unrivalled style. If you've got a penchant for retro, these glasses will be the centrepiece of your collection. Order now and bring back the best of 2000s style! 🕶️🔥

    Details of Flame Y2K Sunglasses :

    • Y2K Style
    • Frame material: Polycarbonate
    • Lens width: 60 mm
    • Type of glasses : Sunglasses
    • Lens material: Polycarbonate
    • Available colours :
    • Limited quantity
    • Free delivery