Butterfly Women's Y2K Pants

  • Butterfly Women's Y2K Pants: An Ode to Vintage

    Relive the sparkle and charm of the 2000s with our Women's Y2K Pants! Created for modern women with an unwavering love of vintage and Y2K style, these Y2K pants are the perfect fusion of nostalgia and modernity. The wide-leg cut hugs the feminine silhouette while offering unparalleled ease, recalling the carefree, free-spirited days of the Y2K decade. But the real showstopper is the delicate butterfly motif. Scattered with grace, these butterflies add a dose of femininity, lightness and enchantment to this bold piece. Their presence is a reminder of the iconic trends of the 2000s, when natural patterns were a style statement.
    The Y2K Women's Butterfly Pants pair harmoniously with a variety of tops, from basic t-shirts to more elaborate blouses, offering an infinite palette of options for expressing your individuality. Every time you wear these vintage pants, not only are you celebrating a bygone era, but you're also wearing a piece that speaks of adventure, transformation and emancipation, just like the butterfly.

    Details of Butterfly Women's Y2K Pants

    • Y2K style
    • Material: Polyester, cotton
    • Closure type: Elastic waist
    • Style: Streetwear and Y2K
    • Available colors: Black, Gray
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping

    ✂️ Size Guide (cm) ✂️

    Size Waist Hips Length
    M 104 104 96
    L 108 108
    XL 112 112
    XXL 116 116