Vintage Leather Pants

  • Vintage Leather Pants: The Radiance of the 2000s Reinvented

    Embrace the return of the millennium with our leather pants, the perfect choice for fashionistas looking to celebrate the boldness of the 2000s while fine-tuning their contemporary look. Inspired by the decade's bold and unforgettable style, these Y2K pants recall a time when fashion was bold and original. Made from high-quality faux leather, these women's pants offer the look and feel of real leather without the high price tag, while being animal-friendly. The wide, flowing silhouette of these vintage pants evokes the signature fashion of the 2000s, offering a balance of comfort and style. Its flashy solid color adds a touch of sparkle to your outfits, allowing both bold and subtle combinations. Despite their luxurious look, these streetwear pants guarantee exceptional comfort, ideal for everyday wear, while also being hard-wearing. Whether you want to recreate the iconic vibe of the 2000s or simply incorporate a bold vintage piece into your modern collection, Vintage Leather Pants are a must-have. Pair them with a crop top to accentuate their volume, or with a blazer for a chic, urban touch. 

    Details of Vintage Leather Pants

    • Y2K style
    • Material: Polyester, Faux Leather
    • Closure type: Button Fly
    • Available colors: Black, Red, Blue
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping

      👖 Guide Size (cm) 👖

      Size Hips Length Waist
      M 96
      L 100