Y2K Tote Bags

  • Feel the gentle charm of the turn of the millennium with Y2K Tote Bags

    These handbags, designed for retro fashion lovers, combine deliciously soft plush with metallic details that evoke the iconic trends of the 2000s. Each bag is made from soft, fluffy plush, offering a pleasant tactile sensation while adding a cosy touch to your look. The finely integrated metal finishes recall the bold, fashion-forward designs of the Y2K period, adding a modern touch to this vintage bag. Despite its retro look, the Y2K Tote Bag is generous with space, making it easy to carry all your essentials, from wallets to accessories.
    For the fashion enthusiast who wants to fuse nostalgia for the past with contemporary touches, the Y2K Tote Bag is the must-have accessory. It takes you back to a time when bold style met comfort, and lets you show that same boldness today.

    Details of Y2K Tote Bags

    • Y2K Style
    • Material: Polyester
    • Style : Streetwear
    • Colours available : white, black
    • Limited quantity
    • Free Shipping