Y2K Cross Necklace

  • Immerse yourself in the iconic aesthetics of the 2000s with our Y2K Cross Necklace!

    Capturing the bold, fashion-forward spirit of the era, this Y2K necklace is a must-have for those who cherish the fashion of that decade and want to add a distinctive touch to their current wardrobe. Solid and refined, this chain reflects the metallic taste that was predominant in the accessories of the Y2K period. Combining tradition and modernity, the cross pendant is enhanced by sparkling details that catch the light with every movement. Delicately encrusted on the pendant, the red diamonds add a touch of colour and elegance, making this necklace a real jewel. Whether it's for a retro evening out or to complement your everyday style, the Y2K Cross Necklace is the centrepiece you've been missing from your collection. Its presence recalls an era of stylistic experimentation, while retaining a timeless charm.

    Details of Star Necklace Y2K :

    • Style Y2K
    • Colours available : unique
    • Motive : cross
    • Metal chain
    • Limited quantity
    • Free delivery