Y2K Butterfly Necklace Set

  • Celebrate your special bond with our Y2K Butterfly Necklace Set!

    Designed specifically for couples, best friends or sisters who cherish both 2000s style and vintage elegance, this matching necklaces is much more than just a piece of jewellery: it's a symbol of union. Each necklace features half a butterfly wing pendant, finely worked and detailed. When the two pendants are joined together, they form a magnificent butterfly, symbolising the harmony and union between the two wearers. With its aesthetic evoking the iconic fashion of the new millennium, this jewel reflects the nostalgia and originality of that era. Perfect for commemorating a special bond, this set is the ideal gift to celebrate an anniversary, a friendship milestone or any other significant event.
    Reconnect with the trends of the 2000s while celebrating your unique bond with the Y2K Butterfly Necklace Set, a poetic fusion of style and emotion.

    Details of Y2K Butterfly Necklace Set  :

    • Style Y2K
    • Pack of 2 necklaces
    • Colours available : silver, gold
    • Design: butterfly
    • High quality product
    • Limited quantity
    • Free delivery