Vintage Y2K Sunglasses

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  • Take a trip down memory lane with our Vintage Y2K Sunglasses

    Evoking the golden age of fashion in the new millennium, these Y2K sunglasses are the perfect embodiment of the boldness and individuality that defined the 2000s. The large, captivating oval lenses offer a nostalgic look at a bygone era, while adding a chic touch to any outfit. The pronounced frames add a dimension of style and character, ensuring that these vintage glasses will be the focal point of your ensemble. Reminiscent of a time when fashion was anything but ordinary, these glasses embody the bold spirit of the 2000s, allowing wearers to proudly display their penchant for vintage.
    Whether you pair them with a casual outfit for an everyday outing or a chic outfit for a special event, these glasses are sure to complete your look with a unique retro touch.
    Feel the nostalgia while staying on the cutting edge of fashion. Get your pair of Vintage Y2K Sunglasses and claim your love for vintage with panache!

    Details of Vintage Y2K Sunglasses :

      •  Y2K style
      • Lens Attribute: UV400
      • Lens material: Acrylic
      • Lens width: 68 mm
      • Lens height: 55 mm
      • Frame material: Polycarbonate
      • Available in four colours
      • Limited quantity
      • Free delivery