Skeleton Pants Y2K

  • Spirit Rebel Y2K: Time-defying Skeleton Pants 

    Discover the bold essence of the 2000s with our Skeleton Pants! This masterpiece is a must-have for all vintage and Y2K fashion enthusiasts looking to enhance their wardrobe. Made from rugged denim, its loose fit offers a relaxed yet assertive silhouette, reminiscent of the days when fashion was bold and unrestrained. But what makes these Y2K pants stand out are their bold skeleton patterns, which add a touch of originality and character to this classic piece. These patterns, finely drawn on the denim, add an edgy touch to the piece, reflecting the rebellious, forward-thinking nature of the Y2K era.
    In addition to its unique design, this baggy pants are engineered to offer optimum comfort while standing the test of time, thanks to their quality craftsmanship. It's more than just a pair of pants, it's a statement, a tribute to an era when every clothing choice was an expression of self. So, if you're ready to make a bold statement while celebrating the Y2K spirit, these vintage pants are for you. Order yours today and let the world know you're ready to embrace the past with style and confidence!

    Details of Skeleton Pants Y2K

    • Y2K style
    • Material: Denim
    • Closure type : Zipper
    • Style : Streetwear and Y2K
    • Available colors: Blue, Black
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping

    ✂️ Size Guide (cm) ✂️

    Size Waist Length Hip
    M 74
    L 79
    XL 84 105 113
    2XL 89 106 118