Grunge Y2K Full Zip Hoodie

  • Grunge Y2K Full Zip Hoodie: The Rebel Spirit of the Millennium

    Evoke the thrill of the 2000s with this grunge hoodie. For vintage lovers and grunge style aficionados, this full zip hoodie with its skeleton motif is the perfect embodiment of the audacity of this iconic era. Dive into rebellion with a washed-out skeletal design, reflecting the raw, non-conformist soul of the grunge movement. Crafted from high-quality fabrics, this Y2K hoodie is soft against the skin and will stand the test of time, while its full zip makes it easy to change your look. Zip it up for a more assertive look, or open it for a more casual style.
    Whether you're heading off to a music festival, an urban stroll or simply adding this must-have grunge piece to your wardrobe, this Vintage Hoodie is the answer to your style quest. Embrace the rebellious spirit of the 2000s with this hoodie, and let grunge run through your veins. With this hoodie, every moment becomes a hymn to freedom and authenticity.

    Details of Grunge Y2K Full Zip Hoodie

    • Y2K style
    • Material: Polyester
    • Collar: Round neck
    • Sleeve Length: Regular
    • High-quality product
    • Colours available: white, black
    • Limited Quantity
    • Free delivery

    ✂️ Size Guide (cm) ✂️

    Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
    67 108 57 49
    M 68 112 58 50
    L 69 116 59 51
    XL 70 120 60 52
    XXL 71 124 61 53
    XXXL 72 128 62 54