Full Zip Up Hoodie Over Face Y2K

  • Full Zip Up Hoodie Over Face Y2K: An Ode to the Millennium Enigma

    Immerse yourself in the essence of the 2000s with this Y2K Hoodie. Evoking the boldness and originality of that iconic decade, this full zip hoodie has been designed for those who cherish vintage style but want to assert their individuality in the present. With a zip that goes up past the neck, this hoodie offers complete coverage, transforming the wearer into a mysterious figure straight out of the Y2K universe. Each print tells a story, an era, a feeling, with motifs inspired directly by the fashion of the year 2000. And while the design is bold, its comfort is unrivalled, thanks to soft, breathable fabrics that feel great every time you wear it.
    The Full Zip Up Hoodie Over Face Y2K isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a tribute to a bygone era, while remaining relevant in today's fashion landscape. For anyone who wants a piece of fashion that combines nostalgia and originality, this vintage hoodie is the perfect choice. Take a trip back in time and define your style with this iconic piece for the new millennium.

    Details of Full Zip Up Hoodie Over Face Y2K

    • Y2K Style
    • Materials: Cotton, Polyester
    • Collar: Round neck
    • Sleeve Length: Regular
    • High-quality product
    • Colours available: white, black
    • Limited Quantity
    • Free delivery

    ✂️ Size Guide (cm) ✂️

    Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve
    70 122 61 58
    M 72 124 63 60
    L 74 128 65 62
    XL 76 132 67 64