Colourful Candies Y2K Bracelets

  • Rediscover the magic of the 2000s with our Y2K Colourful Candies bracelets!

    Perfect for those who cherish the Y2K and vintage aesthetic, these Y2K bracelets are designed to add a sweet and colourfultouch to your outfit, recalling the carefree days of childhood and the bold fashion of the new millennium. Each bracelet is adorned with gummy candy bears, evoking the nostalgia of the sweet treats of yesteryear. The candy bears come in a range of bright colours, creating a magnificent rainbow spectrum around your wrist. Blending candy charm with distinctive Y2K style, this vintage bracelet is a celebration of fashion, colour and joy.
    Colourful Candies Y2K Bracelet are not just a piece of jewellery, they are an expression of joy, creativity and individuality. Whether you're at a party, a festival or just want to add a splash of colour to your everyday life, this bracelet is sure to bring a smile to your face.
    Perfect for accessory collectors, fans of Y2K style, or those looking to give a unique gift, this bracelet is a great addition to any jewellery collection.

    Details of Colourful Candies Y2K Bracelets :

    • Y2K style
    • Material: Iron, resin
    • Circumference 21 cm
    • Adjustable size
    • Available in one colour
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping