Black Y2K Low Rise Jeans

  • Black Y2K Low Rise Jeans: The Vintage Glow of a Revolutionary Era

    Immerse yourself in the essence of the new millennium with this low rise jeans. Ideally suited to men with a soft spot for vintage 2000s style, these Y2K jeans are a true celebration of the past while meeting contemporary demands. The timeless black of the jeans provides a versatile and elegant base for a multitude of combinations, from casual to dressy. Reminiscent of the distinctive style of the 2000s, the low-rise cut of the jeans adds that much sought-after vintage touch, while accentuating the overall look. True to the Y2K aesthetic, the loose fit guarantees optimum comfort while offering a boldly retro look. Made from quality materials, these men's jeans promise not only impeccable aesthetics, but also rock-solid durability. Black Y2K Low Rise Jeans aren't just a piece of clothing; they embody an era. They recall a time when fashion defied norms, when individuality and expression were at the forefront. For those who want a timeless look with a nod to the past, these baggy jeans are the perfect piece. 

    Details of Black Y2K Low Rise Jeans

    • Y2K style
    • Material: Denim
    • Closure type: Zipper Fly
    • Style: Streetwear and Y2K
    • Available color: Unique
    • Limited quantity
    • Free shipping

      👖 Guide Size (cm) 👖

      Size Length Waist Hip
      M 97
      L 98
      XL 99
      2XL 100
      3XL 101 82 114
      4XL 102 86 118