Baggy Y2K Jeans

  • Baggy Y2K Jeans - The Return of the Relaxed with a Sacred Touch

    These Y2K Jeans are the epitome of 2000s retro fashion, combining a relaxed silhouette with bold cross prints that evoke a unique style. For the man who appreciates the mix of casual and sacred detail, these jeans are the perfect choice to stand out while paying homage to an iconic decade. Rediscover the comfort of a loose fit with a casual, on-trend look that harkens back to the days when baggy jeans ruled the streets. Strategically placed cross prints offer a bold and distinctive design touch, ensuring an eye-catching look. Constructed from premium materials, these vintage jeans not only last a lifetime, but also feel great when worn.
    Step back to a time when fashion was bold, unique and full of personality with Baggy Y2K Jeans. They're the perfect companion for the man who wants to perfect his look while paying homage to an unforgettable moment in fashion history.

    Details of Baggy Y2K Jeans

    Y2K Style
    Material: Canvas
    Closure type: Fly button
    Available colour : unique
    Limited quantity
    Free delivery

    👖 Size (cm) 👖

    Size Length Waist Hip
    96 70 96
    M 97 74 100
    L 98 78 104
    XL 99 82 108
    2XL 100 86 112
    3XL 101 90 116