Y2K Lighting Star Hoodie

  • When the stars of the past meet the fashion of today, the result is the Y2K Lighting Star Hoodie

    Inspired by the iconic trends of the late 1990s and early 2000s, our Y2K hoodie was created for all those who want to combine comfort and style. Made from soft, high-quality fabrics, this hoodie guarantees comforting warmth while allowing optimum freedom of movement. Thanks to the front zipper and kangaroo pocket, you not only have easy access to your essentials, but also a chic design. Specially designed for women, this vintage hoodie offers plenty of room for a comfortable feel all day long. It's a fusion of old-world charm with modern trends. It's the perfect expression for all those who cherish memories of the 2000s while living fully in the present. Wear it, feel fashionable, and let the stars light your way.

    Details of Y2K Lighting Star Hoodie :

    • Material: cotton
    • Available color : white, black
    • Hooded collar
    • Size: S, M, L, XL
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping