TrenchCoat Y2K Hoodie

  • Discover the TrenchCoat Y2K Hoodie, the perfect blend of retro style and modern technology

    Our Y2K trenchcoats are designed for everyone, this neoprene trench not only stands out for its distinctive oversize design, but also for its unrivalled thermal insulation performance. Made from top-quality neoprene, the Y2K Hoodie offers an exceptional thermal barrier, guaranteeing the maintenance of a stable body temperature, whatever the weather conditions. Inspired by 2000s fashion, this trenchcoat features a bold, avant-garde design, perfect for those looking to make a style statement while enjoying unrivalled comfort. Whether you're a man or a woman, this hoodie adapts to all body shapes, ensuring an elegant, contemporary fit. Equipped with two discreet front pockets, it offers minimalist yet functional storage space for your essentials. What's more, its oversized hood and long sleeves guarantee optimum protection against cold, wind and rain. Don't sacrifice style or comfort. Adopt the TrenchCoat Y2K Hoodie and take on the world with confidence and elegance.

    Details of TrenchCoat Y2K Hoodie :

    • Material: neoprene
    • Available color : blue, grey
    • Hooded collar
    • Size: M, L, XL, XXL
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping